About Youth Creativity @ Hand Uganda



About Us:

Youth Creativity @ Hand Uganda is a not for profit, Non-Government Organization that focuses on empowering youth and women with life-skills to cope with life-changing situations. YCH-U operates in Seeta-Ggongobe Zone, Goma Division, Mukono District, Uganda.

Our intervention is identifying a strategy that can support a collective approach and increase levels of competence among its team and other stakeholders in creating more jobs, better approach to community mobilization, reducing youth participation in unproductive behaviors, and identify actions to address youth unemployment challenges.

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Our Overall Goal:

Build the livelihood resilience of youth and women against the shocks of unemployment in peri-urban areas of Mukono District.


Life-skills empowerment of youth and women for sustainable development. 


  1. Strengthen the provision of practical skills to youth and women
  2. Build the capacity of youth and women situation on entrepreneurship
  3. Enhance the capacity of youth and women on life skills and social safety
  4. Support the revival, preservation and transmission of indigenous cultural practices.
  5. Strengthen partnerships both national and International for sustainable development.

What we do:                                                                                     

Our strength is in contributing towards an active, productive and healthy youth through training in production of high quality fabric designs, crafts and bakery products that can compete both on local and international market.

 Ø Tailoring

Ø Cookery and Food Hygiene

Ø Decoration and Designing

Ø Bead Making

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We provide information and education on Reproductive Health issues like:

Ø Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Ø Menstruation management

Ø HIV/AIDS Counseling and Referrals

Ø Hygiene and Sanitation

Ø Pregnancy related issues

Ø Child Care and Development

We also train youth and women in entrepreneurship skills such as:

Ø Business management skills

Ø Marketing skills

Ø Organize exhibitions, and

Ø Exposure visits for the youth and women

Having had YCH-U team member train with Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI); we are in partnership and actively involved in YALI Ugandan Alumni Activities, and support and mentorship of young people into career development.

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YCH-U Partners

Mukono District NGO Forum (MUDINFO), Goma Division, Hunger Free World (Integrated Community Development Initiatives ICDI), YALI RLC Alumni Chapter Uganda, Naguru Teenage and Information Center, African Peace Murals Uganda (APM), St Augustine Parish, Uganda, Inspired By Love (IBL) Uganda.

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Source of funds and support:

Board member contributions, Friends and well-wishers (Clive La Pensee donated sewing machines which boosted the tailoring section), Community Stakeholders’ contributions, and technical support, income from sold products, trainee contribution in kind. 

Contact Information:

Ntale Mary Balikuddembe, Executive Director. Mobile: +256 782 809 092/+256 706 943 300. P.O. BOX 88, Mukono, Uganda. E-mail: ych.ug@gmail.com

How you can support us:

  • Need for more educational resources
  • Your technical guidance and advice is paramount
  • Mentors and Volunteers to join us mobilize finances to implement the planned activities and enable us touch more lives.
  • Guide and support us to scale up our activities at international level.
  • Buy our products to enable a youth earn.
  • Lobby and advocacy



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