A Visit to Noah’s Arc Children Ministry

IMG_5423.JPGYesterday we visited Noah’s Arc Children Ministries Uganda (NACMU www.nacmu.org) where we engaged in an intensive strategic discussion with its founders Peter (Papa). Currently , NACMU is looking after 187 children and it is not an orphanage home but a children’s home. All the children in this home have no parents and no one is claiming for them and they entirely belong to Peter and his wife. The children in this home are rescued from all kind of nasty environments like pit latrines, garbage pits, etc . Services offered at NACMU are all open to the community and these include but not limited to Education, health, etc.


Key statements by Peter

1)    -“If we can keep the mothers alive, then we have solved future problems”. If mothers loose lives, then children  face problems which again become community problems.

2)    -“In western world, education is more of Solving the problems than just pumping knowledge”.

3)    -“If you have a one million dollar vision, don’t surround yourself with one cent vision groups”

4)    -“Life was preserved through the arc”. The home provided by Noah’s Arch Ministries Uganda is an arc to preserve children’s lives after rescue.

5)    -“Life after the arc”. Children in the home are given all what they need to be self reliant or to be independent after leaving the home.

How Noah’s Arc prepare children to be independent after leaving the home?

Job Skills development in the home it the key. Children are trained to acquire job skills right from the beginning and the skills range from but not limited to: mechanics, tailoring, construction, agriculture, etc

During Ordinary level secondary education, a child also enrolls for DIT (Directory of Industrial Training) certificate. On completion of the Ordinary Secondary Education, a child is awarded two certificates i.e. Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and DIT Level one certificate. During Advanced secondary education, the student also enrolls for Level two DIT. On completion of Advanced Secondary Education, a child is awarded Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education and DIT Diploma.

At both levels, a child has practical vocational job skills in production and can be able to apply the skills anywhere for earning a living.

This NACMU education system is able to transform a child into a productive independent citizen at a very tender age. The current education system is able produce graduates who have no job skills to apply for earning a living thus it is a system for mostly job seekers but not job creators. Again, the current education system promotes dependence of children on their parents than being self reliance.

Lastly, we discussed and agreed on key concepts of strengthening and transforming Mukono District NGO Forum into a more profession CSO network.

Below is a photo slideshow of the locations we visited at Noah’s Arc Children Minister. Most of the things you see are made or produced within Noah’s arc by children.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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