Stakeholders Workshop on Skills Development Facility (SDF)

IMG_5629Yesterday (15th March, 2017), a team from Private Sector Foundation Uganda briefed members of Mukono District NGO Forum about Skills Development Facility (SDF) Grant.


Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP)

}USD 100 Million Government of Uganda Project, funded by World Bank

}Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP) is the Skilling Uganda strategy, the Government’s strategy for national BTVET development.

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Purpose of USDP;

i.To support systemic reforms targeted at making the skills development system in the country more efficient and effective.

ii.To create a scalable model for high quality and market – relevant vocational and technical training which can be replicated across different sectors.

iii.To support the delivery of short-term training for workers in the formal and informal sectors

For more information about this Grant please feel free to download this PRESENTATION

To apply, consider to download the following forms below:

SDF Application Form Window 1

SDF Application Form Window 2

SDF Application Form Window 3

SDF Internship Application Form


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