Visit to Toyota-Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility Department

7Yesterday 21st March, 2017 we visited Toyota-Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility department and discussed a number of partnership options for the two institutions. We tabled Mukono District NGO Forum proposed long term environment conservation concept aiming at planting 1,000,000 trees every year and 10 trees for every imported Toyota vehicle to help reduce carbon emitted in the atmosphere, among other benefits.

Currently, Toyota-Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses at the following projects below of which (1) and (2) will soon be implemented in Mukono District under our established partnership.

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1. Literacy Growth in the rural areas / upcountry regions we operate in through the support of the distribution of English Readers for the lower primary school. We now have 21 in Gulu, Fort portal and Arua. We look to expand into Mbale this year

2. Road Safety Awareness & Education to reduce road fatalities through our corporate membership with Safe Way Right Way. There are 9 corporates who subscribe to this organization and a lot of work to include law enhancement lobbying with different stakeholders in government to enforce Road Safety regulation in the country is on-going, Speed Management interventions are on-going on the main highways in the country after the introduction of Laser Speed Guns bought for the Uganda Police Force.

3. Sports Skills Development through the introduction of the Tag Rugby sport in the READ schools “Work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. A sport attached to the READ program under the Theme; READ BEFORE YOU TAG”

4. We joined NSSF to contribute to a better learning environment through the improvement of the UPE schools within Kampala where our main operations are.

5. On the HR CSR Front: We have the Apprenticeship and the Graduate Trainees programs where we impart skill at an international level for a period of two (2) years to enable the candidates to compete favorably on the Ugandan labor market. Thorough independent screening to entry is conducted to identify the cream to grow is done on an annual basis.


4 thoughts on “Visit to Toyota-Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility Department”

  1. Thank you Toyota Uganda for corporate social responsibility
    I have a project to implement in the area of education,aimed at curtailing school dropout rates among the youth. Am,however looking for partners like Toyota to help me achieve this.l will be very grateful to hear from you.
    Thank you.
    Khakasa lmmaculate


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