Highlights from March 2018 MUDINFO General Assembly

IMG_8619The Annual General Meeting(AGM) took place on Friday 23rd March 2018 at the CAO’s boardroom, Mukono District Headquarters. Over 80 attended among which included representatives from various member Organizations and District leaders. It commenced at around 9am with the arrival of members and ended in the afternoon around 2pm. A great number of issues were discussed following the agenda. The Executive Chairperson Mr. Kibaya Robert gave the first remarks from which he welcomed all members and thanked them for coming. The General Secretary Mr. Kayiira Kizito then presented the previous minutes. Next on the agenda was the presentation of the annual report 2017 which was done by the Executive Chairperson. This was presented and it highlighted all the activities done by the Forum in the year 2017, challenges faced and recommendations for better performance. There was also a proposal to fundraise locally for the construction of MUDINFO Headquarters.  It was also suggested that all member organizations that will contribute will hold shares. A committee was elected which will make all the modalities necessary before the kick up of this grand project.  In addition to that, he urged members to make use of social media and its opportunities. He informed them of the Germany volunteer (Ida Spingys) that came across the forum’s website via social media. She later on kept in touch and had worked with a few member Organizations. He also encouraged them to write articles so they could be uploaded on the MUDINFO website. Member organizations were also informed about the new policy of giving out certificates to subscribed members annually.

Next on the agenda we had a representative from the Chief Administrative Officer(CAO) Mr. Mugerwa. In his remarks, he encouraged Non-Governmental Organizations to network and stop working in isolation. He also advised them to take part in the budgeting process and to equip themselves with books highlighting the NGO Act, Policy and Regulations.

There was also a presentation from the District Community Development Officer Ms. Ampaire Christine. She was grateful for the support shown by member organizations towards the Forum. She however complained about NGOs not submitting reports to her office and therefore advised them to begin doing so. She further asked them to register their Organizations with her office so she can get to know them.

Next was the presentation of the audited report by the Executive Treasurer (Mrs. Kayaga Joyce Kayinda) which was successfully done.  The General Secretary raised an issue of the increment of annual membership and subscription fees to 50,000/= for new applicants and annual subscription of 30,000/= (NGO), for CBOs new members pay 30,000/= and annual subscription of 20,000/=.

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