Mukono District NGO Forum (MUDINFO), is a Network of over 300 Civil Society Organizations operating in Mukono District in Uganda.

Realizing that the Non State Actors operating in Mukono District have no streamlined collaborative arrangements, also conscious that Non-Governmental organizations and Government play a complementary role in causing and ensuring sustainable development through economic recovery, poverty eradication with private sector led growth and aware that the role of Non –government organizations is increasingly being recognized.

With a target to contribute towards areas of service delivery, advocacy, democracy and good governance as well as community empowerment.

This is in a bid to fulfill our desire for close partnerships strengthening, collaboration, networking and development.


The vision of the Organization is; A united and vibrant civil society organization in Uganda for strengthening sustainable partnership for development.


The mission of the Organization shall be;

To build and enhance sustainable networking mechanisms, of civil society organizations (CSOs), through lobbying, advocacy, capacity building and partnership development for effective service delivery

Objectives of the Forum

a.   To provide capacity building programs for members, CSO in areas of policy, advocacy, lobbying, resource mobilization, leadership, project planning and financial management skills.

b.   To promote the New United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

c.   Popularizing the NGO policy amongst member organizations and promote compliance there with.

d.   Provide leadership to the respective membership in operationalization of self-regulatory mechanisms designed to institutionalize professionalism, ethics, integrity, transparency and accountability.

e.   Collaborate with the Government through the sector Ministry, the NGO Registration Bureau, Mukono District Local Government and other actors or partners in identifying and addressing emerging policy, regulatory and other pertinent issues with a view to enhancing the contribution of the Civil Society sector towards human development.

f.     Coordinating the participation of CSOs in government policy processes of interest to them and documenting their experiences so as to assess CSOs contributions towards development.

g.   To collectively solicit resources for institutional support and organizational development.

h.    To collectively develop a monitoring and evaluation strategy for public and other development programs.

i.      To monitor Government Programs.

j.      To promote Trust and Honest in CSOs and the general public.

k.    To engage in any other activities in furtherance of the objectives of the forum as members from time to time shall determine.


CSOs Capacity Building, Policy, Advocacy, Lobbying, Resource mobilization, Leadership, Project planning and Financial management skills

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