Internship is one of the best experiences any student can get. It gives one hands on experience in the field of work and an employment opportunity depending on ones performance.

Theory without practice leads to an empty idealism, and action without philosophical reflection leads to mindless activism.

This programme is designed in a way that students get oriented to prepare them for the unexpected eventualities in the various Organizations and also acquaint them with tips and best practices. Each student is required to attend a one day mandatory orientation at a fee of 10,000/= (Uganda Money for Nationals) and US$20 for International students. This programme intends to harmonize the concerns for coordination, relevancy and follow-up of student internship activities. Only verified Organizations will be mandated to host interns.

MUDINFO is the authorizing body of NGO activities in the district and handles all internship placements for Mukono based Organizations.

Students should therefore fill out a placement request form obtainable at MUDINFO offices.


CSOs Capacity Building, Policy, Advocacy, Lobbying, Resource mobilization, Leadership, Project planning and Financial management skills