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Thee-Days Intensive Social Media Training Workshop For NGOs, CBOs, Non-Profits

IMG_0369Mukono District NGO Forum (MUDINFO) of over 240 member Organizations organized a capacity building program in IT and the effective use of social media platforms in promoting, marketing, Local and International resource mobilization. The event was held at Mukono District MTN ICT Community Center from 28th to 30th March, 2017 . The training aimed at increasing Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)’s online visibility through creating facebook pages and groups, twitter, blogs and free websites thus experiencing online power of networking as well as efficient, effective and professional networking mechanism in promoting service delivery and Integral development.

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Introducing Selected MUDINFO Members to Microsoft Cloud products for Nonprofits

IMG_5693On 22nd March 2017, NetSquared-Uganda(Mukono) held its Microsoft Cloud products Nonprofit  At Maendeleo Foundation Uganda. Members were introduced to Microsoft Cloud Products and briefed about the process of how they can access Microsoft Donations through TechSoup Global.

Below are video testimonies captured from two of the participants

(1)  Testimony by Catherine Nabwami https://youtu.be/DZ9U_zJW3u4

(2)   Testimony by Beatrice Nyamwenge https://youtu.be/5q1BpCWKhi8

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Visit to Toyota-Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility Department

7Yesterday 21st March, 2017 we visited Toyota-Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility department and discussed a number of partnership options for the two institutions. We tabled Mukono District NGO Forum proposed long term environment conservation concept aiming at planting 1,000,000 trees every year and 10 trees for every imported Toyota vehicle to help reduce carbon emitted in the atmosphere, among other benefits.

Currently, Toyota-Uganda Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focuses at the following projects below of which (1) and (2) will soon be implemented in Mukono District under our established partnership.

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IMG_5647.JPGUganda, through the Ministry of Water and Environment, is developing a national strategy for addressing deforestation and forest degradation in Uganda (The National REDD Strategy). REDD+ which stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation is a global incentive mechanism for financial flows to reward countries for improved management of its forest resources, and could thus ultimately contribute to the country’s sustainable development. The REDD+ mechanism has potential to ignite conflicts or grievances relating to several aspects of REDD+ at different scales and levels including the field, institutional and policy levels. In this regard, Uganda aims to put in place an effective and efficient feedback and grievance redress mechanism to help manage and resolve conflicts should they arise. These systems will be put in place both at national and local level to enable easy accessibility and usage of these structures. Continue reading STAKEHOLDER VALIDATION WORKSHOPS FOR THE DRAFT FEEDBACK AND GRIEVANCES REDRESS MECHANISM FOR UGANDA’S NATIONAL REDD+ PROGRAMME

A Visit to Noah’s Arc Children Ministry

IMG_5423.JPGYesterday we visited Noah’s Arc Children Ministries Uganda (NACMU www.nacmu.org) where we engaged in an intensive strategic discussion with its founders Peter (Papa). Currently , NACMU is looking after 187 children and it is not an orphanage home but a children’s home. All the children in this home have no parents and no one is claiming for them and they entirely belong to Peter and his wife. The children in this home are rescued from all kind of nasty environments like pit latrines, garbage pits, etc . Services offered at NACMU are all open to the community and these include but not limited to Education, health, etc. Continue reading A Visit to Noah’s Arc Children Ministry

About Youth Creativity @ Hand Uganda



About Us:

Youth Creativity @ Hand Uganda is a not for profit, Non-Government Organization that focuses on empowering youth and women with life-skills to cope with life-changing situations. YCH-U operates in Seeta-Ggongobe Zone, Goma Division, Mukono District, Uganda.

Our intervention is identifying a strategy that can support a collective approach and increase levels of competence among its team and other stakeholders in creating more jobs, better approach to community mobilization, reducing youth participation in unproductive behaviors, and identify actions to address youth unemployment challenges.

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12291911_960321890705216_7642870637282103714_oBackground: Yes, and Amen Education Centre (Y A E C) is a registered community based Non-Governmental Organization (N G O), a non profit making entity of Educational nature, it was started to basically support orphans, vulnerable children and youth in their quest for Education.

This Institution has been in existence for the last 7 years, solely to enhance the status of education, health culture and good moral up bringing among the youth and the vulnerable children. 15 FEB 2007

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Objectives of YAEC